11.Favorite Ground Type-Flygon

Flygon is one of my favorites from gen 3. I remember first seeing him in the Jirachi Wish Maker movie when I was younger. He had a short appearance but made his mark in my memory with his classy gliding and goggle like eye shields. I don’t know why but those red lenses over his eyes are my favorite part of the design. They just work so well with his dragonfly characteristics. I used a Flygon for the first time in white 2 and had some struggles getting him to work well. In the end I got him to work well but he still has some problems getting knocked out if he is fighting a ice type. Flygon is my favorite ground type and I still love those red lenses/shields. If someone knows the real names for them please tell me. I know there is a proper name but can’t think of it.


1st image

2nd image